MusterBuster vs the world.


Re: Network Error "Z(9, -2)"

Thanks guys, sorry this didn’t work for you. I’ll feed back and ensure that this is dealt with as a critical issue.


Re: Unable to view forum correctly on MAC

GraphiteGB wrote:
SAFARI users can use the debug menu to change the USER agent ID to FIREFOX as a tempary fix.
If Chorme has the same option it will also work.
Idevice users can use the ICab…
Feb 9

Re: What' s going on with the boards :(

Hey guys,

The CSS errors are being worked on, that’s all I can say for the time being. For now, the forum is performing best in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Apologies if this is driving…

Feb 7

Real Life and PlayStation Home: A Dummies Guide to Telling the Difference

Hey Community!

As part of our OPC Guide to PlayStation Home, we want to discuss a very, very important subject. How do you tell the difference between real-life and PlayStation Home?…

Feb 7

Re: Goodbye PlayStation Beta, hello PlayStation Access!

I couldn’t make it :(

Give me pics!! Tell me how it went!

Feb 6

Re: An OPC Guide to: PlayStation Home

Adrena1in_70 wrote:

Not really a discussion topic, but something that keeps getting asked and needs addressing is the issue with stuff disappearing from the wardobe and going into “Storage”….

Feb 5

Re: The OPC FIFA Pro Club

Jumping on BAPS now if anyone’s interested!

Feb 5

Re: The Sharpshooter

mjcook wrote:

how do you press the move button to crouch if its on top of the gun. think id end up spaying mine black if i got one

They’ve added another Move button just under the trigger…

Feb 5

Re: KZ3 and Move = FAILURE

Guys, you MUST tweak the deadzone settings according to the class you play. Run and gunners will want a very small Deadzone, where as snipers will want a very large one.

Fiddle with the…

Feb 4

Re: The Sharpshooter

Just to say, the Sharpshooter pictured is a prototype so the design may vary.

But trust me, it is the ultimate peripheral for Killzone 3. My one criticism is that you’ll need to configure the…